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Homemade Apple Pie!

Our famous homemade, hand sliced Apple Pie is only $9.99. Order by phone - 586.469.2525 or just stop in and grab one! Great with vanilla ice cream!

Homemade Apple Pie

Recipe of the Week

Apricot Cherry Bake ~

Apricots and cherries will be showing up soon here at the Farmer's Market. Use them in this outstanding dessert!

Cooking Tip

The Key to Great Ribs -

Great ribs are made by applying multiple layers of flavor. Use a rub or marinade to apply the base layer. Swab on a mop sauce to apply a second layer of flavor and keep the ribs moist during cooking. Apply the barbecue sauce at the end as a laquer or glaze. (For even more flavor, sear it onto the meat directly over a hot fire.) And of course, the wood smoke provides the most important flavor of all.


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Baked Beans - A Summer Staple!

Baked beans are a simple, homey dish that's surprisingly complex. I love to serve them on a barbecue platter because their sweet and savory, porky flavor, almost toasty with molasses, complements spicy, smokey meat.

Boston Baked Beans

Boston baked beans can be traced to Native Americans, who would dig a hole, burn wood down to coals, bury a cast-iron pot filled with beans, water, fat, and maple syrup, and let everything cook overnight. This practice became a favorite in lumber camps, and then at family gatherings and church suppers. Over time, people began cooking their beans in ovens instead of holes and incorporating regionally popular ingredients, such as salt pork and molasses.

These saucey Boston Baked Beans will become a year-round favorite. They're a great foil for smokey barbecue, and they're comforting in colder weather.

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food."
~ George Bernard Shaw

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When we're not polishing off an entire carton of ripe berries at the kitchen counter, we're baking them into pies, cobblers, cakes, and more!

Months seem to unfold in dog years between the last perfect berry of summer and the moment when raspberries and blackberries and blueberries and all the other plump little gems return to the Farmer's Market. And now that they're finally in your basket, you don't want to wait a second longer before gobbling them up by the handful. But we urge you to be patient. Leverage some of their flavor to make some killer desserts.

Macerated Berries with Vanilla Whipped Cream

This is the simplest of summer desserts - Macerated Berries with Vanilla Whipped Cream. Sour cream adds a pleasant tang to lightly sweetened vanilla whipped cream.

"First we eat, then we do everything else."
~ M.F.K. Fisher