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Homemade Apple Pie!

Our famous homemade, hand sliced Apple Pie is only $9.99. Order by phone - 586.469.2525 or just stop in and grab one! Great with vanilla ice cream!

Homemade Apple Pie

Recipe of the Week

Antipasti Pasta Salad -

With all the ingredients for a classic Antipasto Platter, this pasta salad makes great picnic fare!

Cooking Tip

The Key to Great Ribs -

Great ribs are made by applying multiple layers of flavor. Use a rub or marinade to apply the base layer. Swab on a mop sauce to apply a second layer of flavor and keep the ribs moist during cooking. Apply the barbecue sauce at the end as a laquer or glaze. (For even more flavor, sear it onto the meat directly over a hot fire.) And of course, the wood smoke provides the most important flavor of all.


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Chicken Salad!

Some salads seem particularly all-American. These are the kinds that turn up at church suppers, on the menus of rustic inns and restaurants off the beaten track, and in our grandmothers' handwritten "receipt" books. They are simple and good, and deserve, in these sophisticated times, not to be forgotten.

Chicken salad is the little black dress of salads.

Tarragon Chicken Salad

It is chic, adaptable, and wears well on dozens of occasions. You can dress it down and take it on a picnic or dress it up and serve it at a dinner party. This recipe for Tarragon Chicken Salad is both lush and abundant. Lush because of the way the chicken breasts are baked for maximum moistness, and abundant because it's chunky with chicken, celery, and walnuts. And like that little black dress... it can be packed for a picnic or served at a casual summer dinner party.

"Love, like a chicken salad or restaurant hash, must be taken with blind faith or it loses its flavor."
~Helen Rowland

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Icebox Desserts!

From nostalgic icebox cakes to berry trifles to chilled puddings, these desserts prove that the freezer is just as valuable as the oven. Whether you're planning a casual cookout or an elegant dinner al fresco, these no-bake, make-ahead desserts are ideal for summer entertaining!

After Memorial Day, there are certain unsaid rules: wear white, drink iced coffee, and only turn on the oven when necessary. That's why we love icebox cakes. Especially when Mother Nature cranks up the heat!

Mocha Icebox Cake

At its most basic, an icebox cake is simply cookies layered with whipped cream or custard. After sitting overnight in the fridge, the cookies absorb the moisture from the filling and the cake unifies into a cold, creamy delight. The variations are endless, but we really like Mocha Icebox Cake for it's ease of preparation combined with maximum flavor payout. Ina Garten's updated take on the classic icebox cake! It's extraordinary and your family will love you when you pull this out for dessert on a hot summer day!

"Dining with one's friends and beloved family is certainly one of life's primal and most innocent delights, one that is soul-satisfying and eternal."
- Julia Child