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Fresh Fruit Platter…

How to Make a Beautiful Fruit Tray

Set a luscious, gorgeously arranged fruit tray on the table and it has the power to steal the show! I love fruit trays, especially when they are bright, colorful and a little over the top. Arranging a fruit tray comes easy for some, but if you’re like me, it doesn’t at all!

Here are a few handy dandy rules when creating fruit platters:

Use a slightly smaller platter with a lip- You want the fruit to look bountiful and overflowing. I usually go for rectangular or circlular platters. Having a lip on the platter holds in all those fruit juices.

Use fruit that is in season- There is nothing worse than having a gorgeous fruit platter that tastes icky. Fall & winter fruit trays can be just as pretty as spring and summer fruit trays.

Do all the fruit dicing first, clean up the mess, and then do the arranging. It’s not fun trying to arrange while you’re cutting. Dicing fruit can be super juicy and sticky and it’s much better to work on clean surface. I clean up after I cut every fruit.

Read Ina Garten’s recipe for a Fresh Fruit Platter to get some great tips on assembling a gorgeous fruit platter!

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