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Don’t sell this mid-summer vegetable short – with its chameleon-like tendencies, zucchini can be served raw, grilled, sauteed, or baked into a chocolate cake (yes, really). Zucchini may be at the back of the alphabet, but it’s at the front of our minds when it comes to summer vegetables. This miracle squash is so easy to grow, you can easily end up with a bumper crop. But don’t let it go to waste—it has lots of vitamin A, few calories, and it’s simple to cook.

Zucchini possesses an impressive nutritional content – it boasts high levels of potassium, B-vitamins, dietary fiber, and antioxidants, which all offer immense benefits to health. It can even potentially help regulate blood sugar levels, which can greatly benefit diabetics.

As much as I love fall produce — thoughts of Honeycrisp apples, winter squash and sweet potatoes are already dancing around my mind — I’m not quite ready yet. So here’s one last hurrah for summer veggies: a side dish of crisp zucchini, burst cherry tomatoes and meltingly sweet red onions sautéed in olive oil. If it sounds basic, it is, but it’s one of those dishes where the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. Pair Sauteed Zucchini and Cherry Tomatoes with grilled salmon and some orzo doused with lemon and olive oil for a light and easy weeknight meal.

“The trouble is, you cannot grow just one zucchini. Minutes after you plant a single seed, hundreds of zucchini will barge out of the ground and sprawl around the garden, menacing the other vegetables. At night, you will be able to hear the ground quake as more and more zucchinis erupt.”
~ Dave Barry

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