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Summer Weekend Entertaining!

Having friends and extended family stay over for a weekend away in the summer is one of the great pleasures of the season. It’s usually over that early-morning coffee that we get to hear what’s really going on in each other’s lives – that is, before the patter of little feet signals the true start of a new day.

We treasure those mealtime moments before, amid or after a day of swimming, badminton, soccer, and reading – when someone pours a round of cold drinks, and grown-ups, kids, and grandparents gather on benches around a porch table set with help-yourself platters of simple, beautiful food. Almost all are eaten barefoot.

While it’s not hard to come up with delicious uses for summer tomatoes, there are always a few juicy ones that are a little too soft to slice and eat raw, or that you got for free at the farm stand because they had a few dings. An easy fix is to make a simple sauce with them that’s good to toss with pasta. Uncooked sauces made with summer tomatoes are fast becoming summer standards. This recipe for Tomato Bruschetta Sauce is always a big hit with children and grown-ups alike.

Bruschetta is the Italian term for garlicky grilled bread that is often topped with herbed, chopped tomatoes. The same basil-and-mint-infused tomato mixture makes a perfectly piquant topping for pasta, and grilled garlic bread would be delicious on the side. Feel free to use all basil or any other herb combination such as fresh basil with fresh oregano, thyme, or parsley, adjusting the amounts as necessary.

“A simple porch that stands alone, plain and shy-looking but full of romance, hiding from every eye some imperishable secret of happiness and disenchantment…”
~ Marcel Proust

Tomato Bruschetta Sauce Photo